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Weik Capital Management is a registered investment advisory firm which has provided personalized portfolio management services to individuals and institutions since 1987. Discretionary management is offered to qualified clients seeking full-time, professional management of their securities portfolio. Weik Capital Management serves pension and profit sharing plans, individual retirement plans, foundations, endowment funds, estates, trusts, corporations, and individuals with a variety of investment objectives.

Weik Capital Management adheres to a value-based investment philosophy that is focused on risk management as well as the favorable returns historically earned by good businesses. Our investment process is readily understandable and is based on fundamental research and security analysis.

Our private accounts are individually managed by a team of experienced investment professionals. As a team, we develop and manage equity and balanced portfolios designed to meet individual client objectives.

Located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Weik Capital Management is an independent firm that endeavors to avoid conflicts of interest and to place the client first in all of its decisions. We aspire to the highest ethical standards.

Weik Capital Management and its employees are pleased to support a variety of community organizations through both volunteer efforts and financial contributions.


This website is provided for informational purposes only and is not offered for purpose of solicitation or providing investment advice. The information is offered only for U.S. residents in states where providing such information is not prohibited by law. The information shall not be construed as securities recommendations or as implying warranties. Statements on our website that may include "forward-looking information" involve risk and uncertainty. Any investment may rise or decline in value, resulting in a gain or loss for an investor. Investment results may vary significantly over time; thus, any favorable results achieved in past periods are not a guarantee of favorable results in the future.

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